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We have made a point in the past year to visit trade shows in Las Vegas and High Point to educate ourselves on the furniture industry.  We learned many things about the industry, including the fact that imported products have significantly grown their presence on the showrooms of many retail locations across the country.  As representatives and advocates for US manufactured products in the Amish Country of Ohio, we were able to compare and contrast the current choices available to retailers and were surprised at what we found. The facts are.....

  • The quality of Amish-made products, using domestically sourced hardwoods from the Midwest, is significantly better than most imports.   In other words, no veneers, just solid wood.
  • There is a perception that "Amish-made" means a certain style that some people classify as country.  The reality is that our furniture compares favorably in styling to those from overseas.  We have Mission, Shaker, and Traditional as well as more contemporary pieces from our own designer, which is driven from conversations with our customers.
  • We offer far more choice in terms of wood types, sizes, and colors.
  • Working directly with our craftsman, we can satisfy almost any customer request for customization.
  • And as the US Dollar has weakened, the cost of imported material has been driven up dramatically.

The fact is that the furniture industry in Ohio will never compete with the discount stores and big boxes in terms of price.  However, that same industry CAN compete and WIN on price, quality, style, and "choice" in many independent stores across the country in the mid to upper end of the market.    We have people in our stores all the time talking about the poor quality and high price that they are finding in the "name" stores.....and we can successfully turn them into Eastwood customers with our service and our products.  There are real advantages today given the changes in the marketplace.

If you are an independent store, there are many directions you can take to market your business to your customers.  The "Made in the USA" label, especially in a tough economy, can help that customer make the buying decision in your favor.  Advertising domestic supply of your product can be a positive message in today's retail climate.

Eastwood can help you make the transition.  We have the experience, the contacts, the facilities, and the people to help you start down this path.  You can see from our website that we have a multitude of products and styles that can be made available to you and your customers.  We will work with you to develop a program specifically designed with your store in mind, whether it is one department (i.e. tables and chairs) or an entire store.  Contact us at or call at 330-857-2009. 


Good Selling!


Lee Pagani

Owner, Eastwood Furniture